Koi Pond Card Quality Preview

Printed Cards KOI POND

UPDATE: Koi Pond: A Coy Card Game is now available on DriveThruCards!

I just got proofs from DriveThruCards for the Koi Pod cards. They look and feel excellent! The colors are brightly saturated. The cards are nice and thick. The UV coating makes the whole thing the best POD cards I've seen to date. I dare say they nearly rival the card quality of an offset printer.

On top of that, the service has been very patient with me as I figure out this new line of business. I'm trying to ensure cards are formatted to take best advantage of the flexibility and limitations of the POD process. DriveThruCards' staff has been very informative in that regard.

Right, enough of that. Here's a Vine to demonstrate the card thickness. It's good stuff!

As far as I know, Koi Pond will be available for sale next week, but the product listing is will be live here. Currently only the rulebook is available for preview.

Meanwhile, if you've played Koi Pond and would like to share some praise for the game, I'm happy to quote you on the product page!


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