Koi Pond is the Hot Seller on DriveThruCards!

KOI POND on DriveThruCards

I'm happy to announce that DriveThruCards is officially launching today and KOI POND is already the top seller. DriveThruCards is a print-on-demand store devoted exclusively to card games and that's it. DTC's just-the-cards focus means they can provide the best-quality print-on-demand cards you've ever handled. You'll really be surprised at how nice they are.

KOI POND is a fast, brainy, casual strategy game. Collect colorful koi fish and place them in your pond or your house. Keep your pond and house totals as equal as you can, because you only score points for the lower total! What’s more, your pond is public, but your house is secret. To win, you have to be... coy!

What's it like?
This is a quiet, fast filler game best paired with warm drinks amongst friends. Mix the elegant presentation of Coloretto with the fun decision-making of Biblios. Mix in clever scoring and garnish with lovely sumi-e inspired artwork.


2-4 Players | 20 Minutes | Ages 10+


This game uses DriveThruCard's thickest, highest quality, Premium card stock. They feel great!

60 Koi cards in red, blue, yellow or white, plus hybrids.

12 Cat, Turtle, Crane cards, one of each in each color.

12 Ribbon cards, three of each in each color.

4 Reference cards for ease of play.

1 Start Player card.

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