Belle of the Ball Kickstarter: 308% Funded!

Hello everybody! A personal note from me here, to all of you.

Wow, what a party it's been, eh? Surprises right until the very end. In the very last hours, we waltzed right past every initially projected number: Over 1500 backers and over triple-funded! That's a lot of party favors!

Thank you so, so much to all of you for spreading the word about Belle of the Ball! Everyone who tweeted, posted, shared, printed-and-played helped immensely. You believed in the vision for a different kind of card game and you'll soon see the results of that vision.

I'd also like to personally thank Chris for running a tip-top campaign and supporting development of Belle of the Ball from its very early stages. He actively encouraged me to make a game with this theme and kept me at it for over a year! Thanks, Chris!

Alright, everyone! Let's keep partying for now, because tomorrow Dice Hate Me has a lot of work to do! Thank you!


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