Belle of the Ball Media Roundup

Wow, it's been an amazing campaign for Belle of the Ball so far. We just passed $50,000 in funding! Incredible! Throughout the past month, Chris Kirkman and I have been lucky enough to be interviewed on several podcasts and websites. If you've had trouble keeping up, here's a complete roundup.

  • Going Last: OMG! The DoubleClicks! AAHH!! *cough* ... Why, yes, enjoy this entirely serious discussion with Angela and Aubrey of the DoubleClicks (and Justin the Bard).
  • Indie Talks: Ben Gerber catches me when I'm loopy tired and gets a bit of my casual silliness.

  • BoardGameNews: Chris demos Belle of the Ball for BoardGameGeek's very own Eric Martin, live at Gen Con!
  • Master Plan: Ryan Macklin interviews me on his brand new Master Plan series.

Words, Words, Words
  • Stonemaier: Jamey Stegmaier interviewed Chris and I about our experiences together, developing Belle over many years.
  • Father Geek: Cyrus Kirby has a positively glowing review for Belle, after playing it with parents, kids, and his gamer group.
  • Games Are Evil: The very funny Tiffany Ralph interviewed me in her trademark style. I hope I managed to keep up with her sharp wit!
  • Game Designer Chronicles: Roger Hicks dives deep into my gaming history, reaching all the way back to my love for Pente.
  • How Lou Sees It: Landon Squire sat us down to talk about favorite parties, inspiration, and our long-term plans.

And that's all the media for today. I'm pretty sure I forgot something in that list. It's been quite a month!


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