FLUXX DRAFT: Turning FLUXX into a Drafting/Area Control Game

Here's a simple hack for the basic FLUXX deck from Looney Labs. This variant is based on the 3rd edition of FLUXX, because it's what we have at home, but you can figure out how to adapt it for the edition and expansions you have on your shelf.

2-4 Players (more with expansions)

Set Up
  • Remove all Rules cards from the deck.
  • Set aside all Action cards except the following:
    • Discard & Draw
    • Draw 2 and use 'em
    • Draw 3, play 2 of them
    • Empty the Trash
    • Everybody gets 1
    • Exchange Keepers
    • Go Fish
    • I Need a Goal
    • Let's Do That Again!
    • Rotate Hands
    • Scramble Keepers
    • Steal a Keeper
    • Take another turn
    • Taxation
    • Trade hands
    • Trash a Keeper
    • Use what you take
  • All Goals and Keepers remain in the deck.
  • Shuffle the Goals, Keepers, and Actions into a single deck.
  • Deal a hand of five cards to each player's hand.
  • Players take their turns simultaneously.
  • Choose and reveal a card from your hand, placing it in your tableau.
  • Goals or Keepers are kept in the tableau.
  • Actions are resolved in alphabetical order, according to the name of the action, then discarded.
  • Then pass your hand of cards to the player on your right.
End of Round
  • The round ends after five turns, or when a player's hand is empty.
  • Discard any cards remaining in any player's hand.
  • Cards in a player's tableau remain in play.
  • Score points, as described below.
Score Points
  • If you have a Goal card and its required Keepers are in play anywhere, score 3 points.
  • If your Keeper is being used for another player's Goal, score 1 point each time it is used.
  • Goals and Keepers can score multiple times during the game.
End of Game
  • The game ends after three rounds or when the deck runs out.
  • Complete the current turn and score your final points.
  • The player with most points wins!
It seems the most obvious strategy would be to diversify your Keepers and Goals so you're not too reliant on other player's to score your points. You want to monopolize some Keepers, especially if you have a matching Goal, but that takes up quite a chunk of your tableau. And as always, the Actions can really disrupt your long-term strategies.


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