Penny Farthing Catapult: A Silly Game of Newtonian Physics is on DriveThruCards!

Penny Farthing Catapult is now available on DriveThruCards!
2-4 Players • Ages 10+ • 20 Minutes

You are well-mannered nobles settling grievances in the time-honored tradition: Dueling catapults attached to old-timey bicycles!

Your goal is to launch your wealth at the track and and collect valuable items that you hit. Unfortunately, your catapult is so rickety, it moves backwards the same distance that you launched!

Try to stay out of range of your opponents catapults, because if you’re hit, you lose one of your valuables!

As always, DriveThruCards's card quality is top notch. The prints are sharp and the cardstock is nice and durable.

By the way, did I mention Penny Farthing Catapult was a finalist in Dice Hate Me's 54-Card Game Design Challenge? It's true! Popular at UnPub, too!


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