Update on Chinese edition of Koi Pond!

The Chinese edition of Koi Pond is going quite well. It will be published by Creative Tree and available in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It will include the Moon Temple expansion and the two promo cards and somehow a big giant playmat is involved. They sent me a sample this week and wow this thing is huge. Are all playmats this big normally?

It's pretty dang sweet and I look forward to seeing how this develops. If Koi Pond does well, it might break into a new model for me: Release affordable POD games in English for a domestic audience, then license translation rights to bigger publishers in south Asia and Europe. A bit premature for that kind of thinking, but still worth keeping in mind for the future.

According to Creative Tree, the Chinese name of the game is is "JinLi." There is an old Chinese legend about the beautiful and courageous fish "JinLi" (or "koi"). If they jump over the Chinese Dragon Gate, they become real dragons and fly into the sky. Sounds cool to me. :)