New Game Icons and CCG Templates, thanks to Patreon Backers

This weekend Patreon backers got a double-whammy of goodies. First up, a new set of icons inspired by Love Letter and the Dominion core set. This includes some more specialist actions like "trash a card" or "buy a card" which is distinct from "gain a card." Tricky stuff.

I included the Dominion example above for some context of where I drew inspiration for each icon. That was also an opportunity to suggest how you might use language-neutral typography to represent things like "You may trash up to four icons" or "If opponent plays an attack card, you may cancel it."

The second update went out exclusively to $20 backers. It's a vector CCG frame in InDesign readymade for DataMerge. Because it's vector, it should be pretty easy for you to customize to your liking without losing any resolution.

Get both goodies on my Patreon here:
Hope you enjoy!



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