Smart Play Games 2014 Sales by Country and US State

As the year draws to a close, I'm planning actual paid advertising for Smart Play Games in 2015. One thing I learned from my time in the ad world is that it's very easy to spend a lot of money in an unreceptive market. So I needed some data to find out where I should be sending my directed advertising, particularly any promoted tweets.

Thankfully, DriveThruCards was kind enough to provide a big sales report that included country and state for each of my sales up to mid-December of this year. That should be plenty of time to measure sales for each region and perhaps give me some insights as to where I should spend my ad budget.

Below are interactive pie charts and maps where you can see sales by country and by state.

Sales by Country

USA being the top seller is no surprise. The expense of shipping internationally is the biggest barrier to the POD model's global reach. That being the case, I'm surprised to see Australia beat out the UK for international sales by over half.

Clearly I need to focus my paid advertising in the USA. I figured that much by tracking my monthly sales and hearing feedback on social media. Good to see it confirmed by hard numbers, though.

Now let's break down the USA by state.

Sales by US State

Wow, this is very interesting. I expected North Carolina to be overrepresented since I live here and I'm always promoting my games around town. Also these sales numbers include my own orders. Let's assume it would normally rank somewhere closer to 4th place normally.

California is a big surprise. I'm equally curious about New York, Washington, and Illinois' high ranking on the sales chart. All four are home to major cities with big tech companies and numerous tech startups. I wonder if the high number of tech-oriented people out there made the POD model a bit easier to understand. Perhaps the whole thing just piqued DIY entrepreneurs' curiosity

At least this narrows down where I should target my advertising, perhaps even how I should frame my press releases.

I hope you liked this peak into my own analytics.


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