Princess Bride: As You Wish, get it in stores!

It's been a long time since I talked about Princess Bride: As You Wish, but I'm happy to say it's finally coming to stores. Ask your local game retailer to carry it! More info from the publisher here. And below are some photos of the cards:

In As You Wish, you're remixing scenes from the story to suit one of the ten characters. Each round, one player has a hand of cards, each with their own scene and a bit of game information. She puts them all down on the table, but keeps some face-down.

Each player takes a card and adds it to their tableau. The dealer drafts last, but gets to keep two cards in her tableau. When any player takes a face-down card, she must reveal it as soon as it enters her tableau. If you ever have too many skulls in your tableau, you must turn over those cards face-down, where they won't score points!

Each character has their own desires for their story. Buttercup seeks Love and Glory, Westley seeks Love and Fights. Whoever your character is, you'll earn points for those two elements as long as your tableau has enough cards. The small number on the lower right of each newly drafted card determines the turn order for the next round, including who gets to be the dealer!

I hope you enjoy As You Wish. It's only my second traditionally published card game and I want to know if you're having fun with it. Thanks so much for your support!

Tell your game store to carry it!


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