The Trickster game line launched this week!!

They're here! Finally!

Trickster is a fun pub/strategy card game that's easy to learn and quick to play for 3-7 players! Each set of Trickster cards is a standalone game featuring seven heroes from a different genre or unique setting. You can mix up heroes from different sets to customize the game for your group!

Trickster: Fantasy features a Knight, Bard, Mage, and other familiar fantasy heroes. It's a good introductory set for new players, with simple effects that sync together for a lot of fun light strategy. You can get it here:

Trickster: Tianxia features Wuxia-inspired heroes from Vigilance Press' role-playing game. It's a fast, highly competitive take on Trickster's gameplay. Good for players comfortable with a little "take that" in their game night. You can get it here:…/151157/Trickster-Tianxia

Look for more sets in the future, including Trickster: Supers and a biopunk themed set featuring art from Stephen Sanders' Symbiosis universe! Hope you enjoy it!


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