Game Design Round Table Interview

This week I'm on the Game Design Round Table podcast mainly to ask advice of the prestigious hosts. The topics range from international licensing, to crowdfunding, to generally how to make a living as a game designer. I ramble a bit, as is my habit, but hopefully there are a few cogent points scattered amidst my mad ravings. Please enjoy!

Game Design Round Table Episode 129
  • 0:00:26 – Daniel’s background
  • 0:07:01 – Card counts
  • 0:11:10 – Sharing ideas
  • 0:15:27 – Playtesting
  • 0:18:31 – Kigi
  • 0:22:04 – Publishers in different regions
  • 0:33:39 – International legal matters
  • 0:39:49 – Royalties and crowdfunding
  • 0:53:58 – Upcoming projects
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