Playtests are go for Trickster: Starship and Trickster: Symbiosis!

Yay! Trickster: Starship and Trickster: Symbiosis are now ready for outside playtests! If you can play these new Trickster sets in the next four weeks or so, please email gobi81 at gmail dot com. For further details on Trickster, check out the tutorial video below.

Trickster: Starship
The theme of this set is pioneers and discovery, with art by Brian Patterson. Most of these heroes affect the visible information in the game. This set also adds a new rule, the Boldly Bonus, which only applies to heroes from this set: Boldly Bonus: If you lead with any of these heroes, you may resolve their effect twice. (The second resolution is optional.)

Trickster: Symbiosis
The theme for this set is growth and balance. Many heroes let you thoughtfully cultivate your House and manage your majorities. This set features heroes from Steven Sanders’ biopunk Symbosis universe. Find more about it here:

If you want to playtest these sets, please email gobi81 at gmail dot com! Thank you!