How to Play Trickster - Tutorial Video Series

Yay! I'm so happy and proud to present the Trickster tutorial series. I hope you dig this method of releasing producing and releasing video tutorials for the series. Share, like, and subscribe!


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"Morocco Sting" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Meatball Parade" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Production Notes
Each Trickster set is a standalone game, but with the option to mix-and-match heroes from different sets, so it was a challenge to figure out how to best present the rules. Do I make a completely standalone video for each set, even if it meant repeating the entirety of the rules each time? That seemed inconvenient.

I decided instead to make use of the tools available on YouTube to turn the whole thing into a playlist. The first video goes over the evergreen basics of the game then links to shorter videos that detail the hero effects from each individual set. I hope this strikes the right balance between drawing in newcomers, but still scaling for each new set that gets added to the series.

When I first started producing this video, I was going to use a more traditional real-camera, real-hands setup but I found it very restrictive. I needed to show things in HD at a nice pace with few noticeable seams between edits. So I took a crash course in Adobe Premiere and to learn the basics of animation and audio editing. Having experience with iMovie, Flash, and other Adobe products, I found the transition pretty easy! These came together in about a week and future videos should be easier now that I've established a template.

Many many thanks to the volunteers who looked at early versions of these videos privately. I couldn't have made these as tightly edited and informative without your input. Thanks! Now I wonder about making more animated graphic tutorial videos for board games. I couldn't compete with some of the skilled teachers out there who work on-camera, but I could definitely see it becoming a fun little hobby.

I hope you enjoy these videos! Please share, like, subscribe, and comment!