An Update for Patreon Subscribers

Hi patrons!

Sorry about the long wait between updates. It's been a busy few months, but honestly I've hit a sort of writer's block when it comes to making new icons for different game actions. We're sitting on about 400 icons now, I kinda felt like there wasn't enough material left for me to make a valuable bundle for you.

For icons of abstract concepts and simple nouns, you've got a lot of options already between and So I am broadening the scope of this Patreon to cover a wide range of tabletop game production assets.

  • Videos: It's been a few years since I released my first instructional videos on card game design on an online course site. Since that time, they've shifted to a subscription-only model that has really reduced new enrollments. It's probably time to release the videos from behind their paywall.
  • Card templates: Frames and backgrounds for cards in CCGs and euro games. Plus any more based on patron requests.
  • Page layout templates: For 8.5x11 and 6x9 formats favored by role-playing games. I have many years of experiences with this, so I'm happy to share.
  • Icons: When the opportunity and inspiration arise, I'll still keep icons in the mix, but they're part of a larger broader offering.
  • Misc. Assets from my self-published games: These will be the backgrounds, frames, occasional icons, and other bits I used in my past games. (Many art assets rights belong to their creators, though, so I can't share those.)

Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I'm making these changes and give you a chance to adjust your patronage if you don't find this expanded focus as valuable.

Then again, if you find it more valuable, then by all means stick around and I hope to bring you some really good stuff soon. :D

Thanks for your support!