Trickster: Starship and Trickster: Symbiosis now live! (Plus Kickstarter plans!)


I'm happy to say the two newest Trickster sets are now live at! Trickster is a series of fun casual strategy card games featuring heroes from many genres and universes. You’re trying to keep those gallant chumps from meddling in your business. Lure them toward your opponents and try to keep them away from you. Whoever has the fewest heroes will be the winner!

Each Trickster set is a standalone game, but you can mix heroes from different sets to customize the play to your group’s tastes.

Trickster: Starship is a fast-paced and competitive set featuring the motley crew of the starship Emphasis as they explore the unknown. Art by Brian Patterson.

Trickster: Symbiosis is a highly strategic set featuring characters from the biopunk setting Symbiosis by Steven Sanders.

Both games are completely compatible with Trickster: Fantasy and Trickster: Tianxia. For more news on the future plans, see below.

Kickstarting Trickster

Yes, it's long overdue, but I'm finally taking the plunge into crowdfunding again! The plan is to fund a print run of 1000 copies of Trickster: Fantasy in a two-part box with a full-color rules sheet. I'll need to raise about $15,000 to make that happen. I'll add more Trickster sets as stretch goals to the campaign at key funding milestones thereafter.

This is a big step for my company and one I've been reluctant to take for a long time. It takes a lot of time and money up front to get into retail channels and I've grown comfortable with my POD model the past few years. But it's become evident that I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket like that.

I feel strongly about Trickster's potential in the wider market and I'm eager to see what comes of it. I hope I can count on your support as Smart Play Games takes this next step!


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