Joel Eddy of DriveThruReview reviewed Kigi! What did he say??

Joel Eddy, of Drive-Thru Review, just posted a video review of Kigi here. (Drive-Thru Review is no relation to DriveThruCards, the POD service I use to self-publish several games, including Kigi.) Now, I'd been under the impression that being a tiny game self-published on a POD site would mean Kigi would fall way below the radar of any video reviewer, let alone a reviewer from the Dice Tower Network.

I'm happy to see that I was wrong on that point! Joel has some very kind things to say about Kigi! Check it out in the video embedded above or at the link here. Please note that the scoring example has a slight error which is corrected in the on-screen youtube annotations, which may not automatically appear depending on the platform you're viewing the video.

But all that said, it's a very positive review and way more exposure I ever expected to get for one of my self-published games. Thanks so much for giving air time to the little games out there, Joel!