Sidekick Quests: the Card Game – Public Beta Now Live!

Long-time readers may recall a few years ago when I first started tinkering with a card game inspired by James Stowe's webcomic Sidekick Quests. It's been off and on the back burner several times since then, but I think I've finally struck the right balance of thinky game and accessible family fun. Check out the one-page rules doc along with the print-and-play files below.

» Rules Doc
» Print and Play PDF

In the game, you're adventurers-in-training sent on a variety of quests to earn the esteem of your mentors. The better you do on your adventures, the more points you'll earn!

I'm eager to hear from game-loving families how this game does with players ages 8+. I tried to keep the basic actions very simple and the teaching time very short, but there is still a fair bit of reading involved with this beta prototype. Hopefully that doesn't get in the way too much! Have fun!



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