Mori McLamb art for Belle of the Ball

Back in October, I sent out a call for artists for Belle of the Ball's prototype tiles. Many talented illustrators answered the call. The selection process was tough, but I finally chose two artists. One is Liz Hooper (now Liz Radtke, thanks to one lucky gent), who did most of the illustrations for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. You'll see her Belle work soon in a future post.

I also chose artist Mori McLamb, who has proven to be a skilled, directable and professional young illustrator. From the very first sketches, I knew she'd be a great fit. I loved her clean lines and expressive character designs. Her assignment was to do six of the guests, getting as much variety in ages and demeanor as possible. Boy, did she deliver.

The farm boy in the ill-fitting suit on the far left will be a member of the Goatsbury family. The older gentleman in the center has the look of a Boarbottom. The rogue on the far right is likely a Dundifax.

The older woman with kooky eyes is the matriarch of the Crawhole family. The refined woman in the center is no doubt a Lordhurtz. The youngest woman is probably a Richminster. I can't wait to get started designing the prototype guest tiles with Mori McLamb's illustrations. Whee!

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» Many thanks to ThiefOfHearts for recommending Mori.
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.