Short Experiences with Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

The most recent episode of the Podge Cast talks a little bit about little games. One-shots, specifically, and how Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple can be used to create modular one-shots for conventions.

I'm glad that the group picked up on that just from the basic rules on the blog, because that's one of the fundamental design goals I had from the beginning: A setting that is divided up into little, independent chunks that the group can focus on for one session and reincorporate later, if they wish. That way, you avoid the problem of a huge setting chapter with only a fraction of information relevant for actual play.

Check out the episode towards the end, around the 30 minute mark, when the Podge Cast guys discuss Do before they get a chance to play it. "World's crappiest Santa" is a good synopsis. (You may want to skip the opening story if you're eating lunch.)

» The Podge Cast: TPC 114: Short Experiences
» Art by Liz Hooper


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