Name Tag

Name Tag Game
Name Tag is a high energy, no-impact version of tag. It's great with large groups in a playground or park. It also helps players practice learning large groups of people's names in a completely different context than a party or formal social gathering.

Stuff You Need
At least three players, but the more the better.
A referee who is an impartial arbiter outside the game.
Adhesive name tags, one for each player.
A marker for the referee.
A timer for the referee, but this is optional.

The referee writes a random word on each name tag.
The players all stand in a circle facing each other.
The referee walks around the circle, sticking a name tag on each player's back.
As she does so, she whispers to the player what their "name" is.
At the beginning of the game, no player knows each other's name, only their own.

The referee begins the game.
Players try to read as many other player's name tags as possible.
Players will run around trying to outflank each other. No contact is allowed.
The referee ends the game after a certain period of time.
Each player then tries to remember as many other player's names as they can.

For each name you remember, earn a point.
Example: You remembered Cat, Lunch and Truck so you earn 3 points.)

For each person you can correctly name, earn another point.
Example: You remember Larry is Lunch and Sally is Cat, so you earn 2 more points.

The player with the most points wins.


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