Quantum of Solis 2010: You kinda had to be there.

I was in Durham, NC on business but stayed an extra night so I could meet up with some friends in the area. Seems like the nexus of southern US nerdery is right in the middle of NC, or that's my perception from Oklahoma City.

My NC office is in the American Tobacco district, which you can see here is a lovely area. Very similar to OKC's own Bricktown district. So much so that I felt at home even when wandering around before dawn. Rainy mornings, crisp afternoons and so much delicious local food. Mushroom empanada and guava shake? Yes, please.

But the highlight of the trip was definitely spending time with Mur, Remi, Matt, Julie, Ruth and Scott at Tyler's Taproom. We spent many hours discussing all topics geekly.

"The Swedes have it all figured out."
  • Whether it's worthwhile to get through sub-par episodes of a TV series if it ends well.
  • The Swedish social construct that lies somewhere between "girlfriend/boyfriend" and spouse. We called it Bulbasaur. Long story.
  • The quality of local beers, barbecues and this "barbecue tofu" I have only heard about in stories told around a campfire.
  • Matt's defense of the fourth Indiana Jones movie, atomic fridge and all.
  • Mur's love of the Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men by Annie Rush.
And too much other stuff to list here. I don't know where or when the next Quantum is going to be, but I look forward to seeing you there and then.


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