Dice Puzzle

Here's a solo dice puzzle for you. It's an oddly hypnotic way to spend a few minutes before giving up in frustration.

Gather a block of 36 dice.
Roll a die.
Place it on the table.

On Your Turn...
Roll a die. Place it adjacent to a die already on the table. Gradually, you'll create a branching dice formation. As soon as you create a contiguous chain of 3 or more with matching results, remove all the matching dice in that chain. Chains do not count diagonally adjacent dice. Only vertically and horizontally adjacent dice count.

1. Your formation can't extend past a 6x6 grid. Note: There is no board. The overall formation of dice simply can't extend taller or wider than 6 dice. Thus, the first die you place is technically the center. As you add or remove dice, the outerbounds of your formation can shift dramatically. Indeed, over time, the formation may seem to crawl like an amoeba over the table.

2. You may not remove any dice that would create "islands" of disconnected dice. Thus, you might have a chain that contains more than 3 matching results, but you may not remove those dice if it would leave behind even a single die disconnected from the rest.

3. If you already have a contiguous chain of 3 or more matching dice on the board, it stays on the board until you can add a freshly rolled matching result to that chain. Then, you may remove that chain.

If you manage to remove all the dice from the table, you have solved the puzzle. If you find a reliable strategy or solution, leave it in the comments!
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.