The "Backup Plan" for Belle of the Ball's card art

Belle of the Ball - Heads
I'm still gathering estimates to hire illustrators for Belle of the Ball's card art. Understandably, 108 unique portraits can quickly add up, even with the most generous estimates. To assemble the team I want on this project, it'll take significant amounts of up-front funding.

Kickstarter seems like the most obvious option, but I don't want to start a campaign until the game is more polished. The most recent playtest session put a nice polish on the midgame strategy, endgame conditions, and overall phase structure. It could still use another handful of playtests before I'm fully satisfied. If you're interested in joining the public beta, see the details here.

But yes, as for the actual art, I'm cobbling together eyes, noses, mouths, bodies, and attire from lots of different vector stock illustrations. I tried to follow a clear system: Social activity expressed in the face, county expressed in the body, physical activity expressed with the right hand (still in progress). Yes, it's all copy-paste, which does not make this an ideal solution. I wanted the guests to have more individual design, y'know?

Welp, at least this is a reasonable backup plan. I'll post a video of my process later this week.


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