Belle of the Ball - Beta Updates

Heyo! Belle of the Ball has gone through several more beta tests and it's polishing up to be a very fun light strategy game.

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  • Term changes: "Couples" are now "friends." Up to three guests may be in a "group of friends." Adding a guest to a group of friends is "friending," until we can find a better term. "Social activity" is now "mood." "Physical activity" is now "interest." "Attracting" is now "calling."
  • Each player gets two Belles – one public, one secret. This allows multiple ongoing strategies, offensive countermeasures, and keeps a bit of deduction that was fun from previous versions.
  • Four of the Belles are replaced with Ribbon tokens, each linked to a different interest. Ribbons  reward you for gathering the most guests of a particular interest. Ribbons move around the table like Catan's knight and road bonuses.
  • The game is now one long round instead of a series of three short rounds. The endgame trigger makes the game last about thirty minutes. 
  • Clarified that the winner of a duel decides the order in which the dueling guests get discarded.
  • Ties in duels result in the duelists and the called guest being discarded.
  • The symbols on the cards are now framed by distinct shapes. County is framed by a hexagon, because there are six counties. Mood is framed by a triangle, because there are three moods. Interest is framed by a diamond/square because there are four interests.


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