Lyndsay Peters teaches Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Lyndsay Peters keeps sharing the love for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple with new players. This time, she teaches her friends Randall and Anna. Here is their story. They were playing the 10,000 pandas letter from Do: The Book of Letters.

Randall - Pilgrim Drunk Bottler
In trouble: is probably spilling something unfortunate on someone
Helps people: by showing everyone the perfect liquid refreshment

Anna - Pilgrim Shiny Felter
In trouble: is easily distracted by shiny things
Helps People: by connecting them with their true feelings

Brian - Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer
In trouble: Knocks things and himself over... constantly
Helps People: by showing people that all of the worlds problems can be solved with one thing: DANCE

Lyndsay - Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers
In trouble: very ticklish and prone to tickling people
Helps People: Has a great sense of smell and can tell when people are sad

Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer’ macarena flips over the shoebox with the pandas the children had collected.

Reacting quickly, Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer begins to do the chicken dance luring the fleeing pandas into a ridiculous dance number.

Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers finds some of the humbuggin-ass pandas who don’t want to do the chicken dance and gets them involved in a rousing game of tic tac toe.

As few of the pandas break away from the chicken dance and jump into the pocket of Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers and begin tickling her madly.

Pilgrim Drunk Bottler begins feeding each of the little pandas in the classroom, a little teaspoon of water from the fish tank so they’ll learn to swim.

Pilgrim Drunk Bottler is walking back from the fishtank with his small 5ml dish when he spills some fishtank water on Sam and three of his friends, who then demand he takes them swimming.

Pilgrim Shiny Felter gathers Sam and the other children who want to go swimming and helps them to see that the reason they want to go swimming is because the task of catching the 10,000 pandas seems too hard for third graders.     

Grabbing a nearby piece of bamboo, Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer starts an impromptu limbo contest, dragging Pilgrim Wiggly Feeler over first to shake the pandas from her pockets.

Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer trips over the end of the limbo pole, accidentally hurtling the bamboo out into the playground.

Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers smells Ms. Hollsworth coming down the hallway and runs out to distract her by showing her the latest issue of F-stop magazine, which just arrived in the inter-school mailing system.

“Who are you and WHAT are you doing in my classroom?” demands Ms. Hollsworth as Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers offers the magazine and begins to wiggle unexpectedly as she realizes one lone panda remains in her pocket, and tickles her.

Pilgrim Drunk Bottler holds up a glass full of aquarium water and shouts, “Xing-Xing, ASSEMBLE!”, causing the little pandas to begin to assemble together.

Pilgrim Shiny Felter is distracted by the broken glass Window on the classroom floor, and  she starts sweeping it up to use in a mosaic later, a project she is now completely engrossed in.

As she sweeps up the shiny glass, the shards make a sound like Xing-Xing, and Pilgrim Shiny Felter remembers the reason she is in the classroom and puts the glass pieces away for later.

Pilgrim Clumsy Dancer climbs through the open window and begins to maracarena  towards the park in an attempt to lure the missing pandas out of hiding.

Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers attunes her panda senses to the roof of the elementary school, where her feelers smell some pandas and she flies up to the roof!

Pilgrim Drunk Bottler carries the “growing” panda arm outdoors and shouts, “free milk to all the little pandas that join this arm!”

Pilgrim Shiny Felter flies out the window and joins Pilgrim Drunk Bottler in shouting to the pandas by crying, “Xing-Xing, ASSEMBLE NOW!”

Just as Ms. Hollsworth reaches the room, Pilgrim Shiny Felter and Pilgrim Drunk Bottler fly back into the classroom with the recently re-assembled Xing-Xing, and Piilgrim Clumsy Dancer and Pilgrim Wiggly Feelers get the children involved in the Happy Dance of Victory!


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