New Podcast Interviews: Luck, Law, and Kickstarter

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Heyo! I have new interviews to share with you on this fine Tuesday morning. Get your headphones on and prepare to have your ears caressed by my dulcet tones.

First up, I pay a visit to the State of Games podcast, live in their studio! We talk about Luck in Game Design. How it works, how to design around it, and how to channel it into a successful game. We also spend some time talking about luck from the game-buyer's perspective. Do you prefer to respond to luck or prepare for luck? That preference can help inform your next game purchase.

» State of Games: The One About Getting Lucky

Next, I talk to the Law of the Geek about the long saga of the Happy Birthday, Robot! license to the Sandstorm. I'm joined by Tim Koppang, my legal counsel during those negotiations. Together, we outline the timeline of events and the legal protections Tim made sure were in place just in case. There is a lot of law geekery here, watch out! For my own take on this legal journey, check out my previous post here.

» Law of the Geek: Legal Challenges in Game Licensing

And lastly, Fred Hicks and I visit the Rolling 20s podcast to talk about our respective experiences with Kickstarter. This was recorded just as the Dinocalypse Kickstarter was just taking off, so it's fun hearing the cautious optimism knowing how much rapid growth was yet to come.

» Rolling 20s: Kickstarter with Fred Hicks and Daniel Solis



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