Prismatic Art Collection: A little more Lando and Leia

In a series titled More Like This Please, Tracy Hurley has cataloged good examples of depicting strong women in fantasy art. Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor is also great reference source for how to do this right. Alas, the Escher Girls are more common than depictions like below:

Illustration: Jason Chan / © Wizards of the Coast
Illustration: Guillaume Bonnet

Illustration: ~nathantwist
As Tracy says: "More like this, please!" That's why I'm happy to support the Prismatic Art Collection. We're commissioning more diverse depictions of fantasy heroes from a diverse community of artists. All the art we commission will be released to the Creative Commons, so you can use it in your games, books, and websites.

Our first goal allows us to commission at least 20 new pieces of art. I say "at least" because we're also licensing existing art and several artists have generously donated their art, too. We'll end up with way more than 20 pieces by the time we reach this first milestone.

If you want to see more diverse fantasy heroes, back the project. With a growing library of diverse fantasy art, small and independent shops have access to more art for their products.

If you want to support the art community, back the project. It's tough work being a freelance artist. Supporting the Prismatic Art Collection creates a market incentive to expand diversity in fantasy art.

If you are an artist, email Tracy at for details. We're offering fair market rates for new or licensed art. Check out our growing roster of award-winning and rookie artists on the Kickstarter page. A roster that now includes freshly Hugo-nominated Ursula Vernon! A freakin' Hugo nominee!

By the way, if you liked our cute little avatars in the Kickstarter video, I'm offering to make avatars of your adventuring party. Check the Kickstarter page for more details!



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