[Belle of the Ball] Seeking Artists

I plan on building a prototype of Belle of the Ball. I seek artists with a skill at clean, cel animation-style cartoon character designs. (Think Guillotine and Wok Star.) If you're interested, email me a a link to your portfolio at gobi81@gmail.com.

Here are the specs for the job:
* Head-and-shoulder portraits of quasi-victorian nobles
* File Specs: Black and white line art
* Dimensions: 1" square
* Because of the small size, each portrait should have a simple, strong features.
* I'll handle the coloring and post-production, so no shading is necessary.

Once again, that email is gobi81@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon. :)


The artists have been found! Congratulations to Mori McLamb and Liz Hooper.


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