[Do] Sunday Afternoon Group - Episode 2

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

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The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook gets into trouble by overestimating his abilities and helps people by knowing about the plants and animals. (Written by Anders)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 5

Pilgrim Clumsy Bell gets into trouble by being clumsy and helps people by warning them of danger. (Written by Daniel)
World Destiny: 5
Temple Destiny: 1

Pilgrim Fancy Voice gets in trouble by being too elaborate and helps people by talking. (Written by Nolan)
World Destiny: 1
Temple Destiny: 4

Pilgrim Strong Willow gets in trouble by rushing into tasks and helps
people by building compromise and consensus. (Written by Shane)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 0

The Letter

"Spun of Crystal and Gold" by Sophie Lagacé

The Story

Upon arrival at Greymist Estate, Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook asks to examine Grandfather Greymist, hoping to know some herbal remedy for his condition.

Upon arrival at Greymist Estate, Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook asks to examine Grandfather Greymist, hoping to know some herbal remedy for his condition.

As Amber opens the door for Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook, the doctors rush into the room, overwhelming Reaching Guidebook with their suggestions and protestations.

Pilgrim Clumsy Bell rescues Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook by shouting to the doctors that lawyers are on their way, causing them to flee the estate.

Pilgrim Fancy Voice begins poking around the automatons in the room, asking questions about everything in sight, until Amber Carnelian shouts "That's it, your a genius!"

Motivated by this praise, Fancy Voice continues poking until one particular flourish draws a twitch from an automaton, causing it to snag on his clothing.

Pilgrim Strong Willow speaks with the automaton grasping Fancy Voice and convinces the robot that pilgrim Fancy Voice can be released.

Strong Willow's speech works a little too well, as the automatons release everything, they've been holding onto... including there secret weapons.

While the other pilgrims are busy messing around with the automatons, Reaching Guidebook examines Grandfather Greymist to determine what's causing his illness.

Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook pokes and prods at Grandfather Greymist, accidentally flipping a clockwork switch, resulting in Grandfather Greymist grasping Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook with an iron grip.

Backing away from the giant robots with their terrifying weaponry, Clumsy Bell runs into a large angry man glowering down at her - Uncle Victor!

Pilgrim Clumsy Bell warns Victor of the danger his father's secrets are in now that the robots all have weapons charged and ready.

Pilgrim Fancy Pilgrim begins to bloviate about the virtues of peace and the menace of war, his long speech lulling the automatons into lowering those secret weapons.

Now convinced of the rightness of pacifism, the automatons set out to convince humanity of this, with Fancy Voice forcibly recruited as their spokesman!

Pilgrim Strong Willow rushes to the aid of Reaching Guidebook, but Amber Carnelian doesn't know what’s going on so she begins attacking Strong Willow.

Squirming around in the old man's iron grip, Reaching Guidebook manages to squeeze an oily fruit's juices into the joints of the clockwork arm, causing things to slip enough for him to pry himself free.

Pilgrim Clumsy Bell tells the pacifist automatons that Uncle Victor is a warmonger and profiteer, thus distracting them from their worship of Pilgrim Fancy voice.

However, Clumsy Bell's violent defamations convince the automatons that she is a threat to peace as well, so one of them is assigned to restrain her while the rest deal with Uncle Victor.

Pilgrim Fancy Voice still has enough of the automatons attention to get one of them to separate Pilgrim Strong Willow and Amber Carnelian.

Fancy Voice's command of the automatons and his grandiose style convince Amber Carnelian that the pilgrim must have taken a bribe from Uncle Victor, so she lays about him to prevent him from causing further mischief!

Pilgrim Strong Willow exposes the clockwork nature of Grandfather Greymist to Amber, convincing her that Pilgrim Fancy Voice is not in fact one of Uncle Victor's cronies.

Amber denies the terrible news and runs at Strong Willow, who raises his arm to defend himself, but before the two can collide (again), Grandfather Greymist stands, revealing his twirling mechanical parts and menacing Strong Willow.

Pilgrim Reaching Guidebook takes on Grandfather Greymist and in the struggle reveals a secret weapon: a blaster that knocks Reaching Guidebook to the ground.

Fortunately, the notebook, where Reaching Guidebook keeps his samples and notes, absorbs the force of the blow is mostly absorbed (although it's mostly incinerated) and he zips away before a second shot is fired.

Pilgrim Clumsy Bell warns the automatons that the most dangerous weapons in the room are themselves, causing a paralyzing logic loop.

Pilgrim Fancy Voice crosses through the crowd of automatons and convinces Uncle Victor of how unprofitable the automatons actual are.

Pilgrim Strong Willow manages to convince both Amber and her grandfather that he is not a threat to either of them and they both agree to stop hitting him (for now).


No longer needing (or able) to hide his mechanical nature, Grandfather Greymist resumes his work, finally showing Amber /all/ his secrets.

Uncle Victor loses interest in the automatons as war machines, leaving Amber to found a new company selling BRAIN TRANSFER technology.

Pilgrim Fancy Voice makes the automatons feel better about being so dangerous and convinces them that there are plenty of peaceful uses for blaster beams and rotating blades so that the automatons start a workshop of their own, making new bodies for all of the people on the planet.

Uncle Victor realizes the error of his ways and vows to himself become a pilgrim and enter into the worlds and help others. That and sell pilgrim insurance on other worlds that may have pilgrims visiting in the near future.

New Names

Pilgrim Reaching Satchel gets in trouble by overestimating his abilities and helps people by having something useful with him. (Anders)
World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 7

Pilgrim Twisting Voice gets in trouble by being misunderstood and helps people by talking. (Nolan)
World Destiny: 9
Temple Destiny: 4

Pilgrim Strong Lens gets in trouble by rushing into tasks and helps people by telling the truth. (Shane)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 7

Pilgrim Clumsy Decoy gets into trouble by being clumsy and helps people by drawing attention to himself. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 7
Temple Destiny: 6


Wow, we JUST barely made it out of this letter with a Parades ending. The last goal word was literally used in the last turn of the last round. I thought this might be a fluke, but it looks like this is actually the norm. Turns out 20 Goal Words is just the right amount for four players to just barely scratch out a happy ending. Three players can do it, too, but they have to be judicious with their stones very early on.



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