Jeff Tidball features Happy Birthday, Robot!

Holy cow, Jeff Tidball just featured three storytelling games on the Buffalo GameBuffs Blog: Once Upon a Time, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Happy Birthday, Robot!
All three of these games are critical successes, first and foremost, because they preserve the best features of both stories and games—the emotional hooks of stories and the intellectual creativity of games—rather than fighting against or discarding either.
Considering that Jeff calls Once Upon a Time the best storytelling game of all time, this is some auspicious company for a game less than a year in print. Neat! Thanks, Jeff!

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  1. I feel I'm in auspicious company. Happy Birthday Robot is the only game that sits on my desk at work, and that includes the ones I publish.

  2. Whoa. Uh, hi Mr Wallis. *waves*

    You just gave me a humongous feather to put in my cap.


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