[Do] Saturday Night Group - Episode 2

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

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The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt gets in trouble because he looks like food and helps people by drawing away danger. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 2

Pilgrim Marvelous Candy gets in trouble by overdoing things and helps people by baking treats. (Raven)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 2

Pilgrim Reckless Brick gets into trouble because he can't control where he's going and helps people by building stronger relationships. (Matt)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 1

The Letter

"Is It Safe To Allow Cabbages On Roller Coasters?" by Peter Aronson

The Story

Pilgrim Marvelous Candy flies down after Reckless Brick and throws him to safety, revealing a casserole he has just baked as a peace offering to the Coleslaw Front.

Unfortunately, the talking Sky Cabbages are outraged at Pilgrim Marvelous Candy and his casserole! "Why, there might be relatives of ours in that casserole!" they shout, as they gather menacingly around Pilgrim Marvelous Candy.

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt lures George out of the executive bathroom with promises of tonic to go with his gin.

The very, very drunk George sees pilgrim Delicious Shirt as a giant, talking, snack item who has escaped from one of the vending booths (why not? He's already dealing with giant, talking cabbages!) and begins chasing him angrily!

Landing inside the park, Pilgrim Reckless Brick encounters HAZEL HARRINGTON and decides to answer both of her questions at once. Should she open the park? Is it safe to put a giant cabbage on a roller coaster? Summoning his wisest sage voice, he says, "There is only one way to find out!"

Pilgrim Marvelous Candy calms the leafy fury of the mighty cabbages by showing them that the casserole is a delicious ALL MEAT casserole, and does not contain any cabbage by-products...or family members!

The talking Sky Cabbages remain skeptical of Pilgrim Marvelous Candy's casserole claims, but are willing to forego any future litigation on the condition that Marvelous Candy insures the safety of the Cabbage-modified RIDEs...by going first.

When Hazel Harrington tries to intervene between George and pilgrim Delicious Shirt, to explain he's a temple pilgrim here to solve the problem, he becomes furious with her for bringing outside food and drink into the park!

Intercepting Pilgrim Marvelous Candy and the talking Sky Cabbages, Pilgrim Reckless Brick truthfully points out that Marvelous Candy isn't tall enough to ride the rides - he isn't SIX-FOOT TALL!

The sky cabbages then notice that Reckless Brick is tall enough for the ride, and continue marching him off instead.

Pilgrim Marvelous Candy argues with the cabbages that pilgrim Reckless Brick is, in fact, not six-feet wide as would be required for him to ride in the carts.

This proves small obstacle to the talking Sky Cabbages, who are as ingenious as they are litigious. After a few raising the bottom of the ride, they force Pilgrim Marvelous Candy into a MODIFIED CART that's perfect for his height and width.

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt informs George that the Coleslaw Front is eating all the casserole, to which he responds "You're right, snack item! I must stop this consumption of outside food and drink on park grounds!"

Pilgrim Reckless Brick points out to George that the drunken park manager might not want to argue about rules regarding illegal foods stuffs with THE COLESLAW FRONT - they're crazies with machetes!

Pilgrim Reckless Brick is saying all this while barreling into the Coleslaw Front, bringing him within slashing range of their machetes.

Unbeknownst to Pilgrim Marvelous Candy or the talking Sky Cabbages, part of the track ahead of them is closed for MAINTENANCE!

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt sits on the Popsicore Park sign reminding Reckless Brick that he can fly, which he does, keeping him an inch too far for their blades.

GEORGE notices the giant food item (pilgrim Delicious Shirt) on top of the park sign, realizes that isn't supposed to be there, grabs a crossbow from one of the park's skill games, and takes aim...

Pilgrim Reckless Brick points out to George that although HAZEL HARRINGTON asked the pilgrims (some of whom may or may not be food) to come to the park, George himself signed a contract allowing a bunch of food items into the part - namely, the talking Sky Cabbages.

Pilgrim Reckless Brick, because he can't talk about something without flying into it, barrels into a group of talking sky cabbages at the turkey leg stand, causing a great hot flurry of turkey grease.

When the RIDE hits the maintenance section, it goes flying off the track, leaving Pilgrim Marvelous Candy to somehow "fly" the ride to safety.

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt, in a fit of cowardice, flies away from the park thus escaping George's crossbow-powered fury.

However, the sign was recently painted (green) and the color has come off all over Delicious Shirt, so when sets down in the middle of the thousand thugs of the Coleslaw front, they immediately believe he is one of the talking sky cabbages and turn on him.


Drenched in turkey grease, Pilgrim Reckless Brick accepts the thanks of George and Hazel...and the bill for damages from the talking Sky Cabbages.

Marvelous Candy's impressive flying of the modified cart to a safe landing creates a new ride for the park that the sky cabbages adore, and reveals the cabbages can fly -- they are talking SKY cabbages, after all.

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt lures the Coleslaw Front around the world over and over again, until they collapse from the cramps caused by the lack of vegetables in their diet.

New Names

Pilgrim Reckless Syllogism gets into trouble because he can't control where he's going and helps people by pointing out logical flaws.
World Destiny: 4
Temple Destiny: 8

Pilgrim Marvelous Cat gets into trouble by overdoing things and helps people by sneaking around.
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Favorite Shirt gets in trouble by being soooo familiar and helps people by drawing away danger.
World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 5


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