[Do] Monday Night Group - Episode 2

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

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The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass gets in trouble by stepping on things and helps people by thinking clearly. (Jenn)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 2

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie gets in trouble by talking too much, and helps people using his wide variety of baked goods. (Mark)
World Destiny: 1
Temple Destiny: 3

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot gets in trouble by being knocked around a lot and helps people with his indestructible boots. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 2

The Letter

"Excessive Elves" by Peter Aronson

The Story

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass listens to the elves signing incomplete songs and helps them figure out a beautiful melody.

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass steps on the elves' toes during a solo, accidentally creating an even more catchy and annoying ear worm.

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie stuffs a scone in Pilgrim Clumsy Glass's mouth before she can reach the chorus about our furred brothers and sisters.

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie screams the wrong ending to the song and the lead elf frowns in disapproval at him.

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot blunders into O'Malley's Bar, putting his boot through a wall exposing the hidden supply of booze to the elves.

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot uses his other indestructible boot as a door stop, keeping the elves from entering the bar and confiscating the secret stash.

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass spits out the scone, grabs Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie and runs away from the Head Elf

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie hands each of the elves a sample of a highly processed, but sublimely delicious cookie.

As Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie hands out the treats, he talks about how much Frank  is beginning to start looking like an elf, causing the group to rise up in an UPROAR

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot becomes a courier for the humans, smuggling out bottles of beer past the elves.

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot spills some bottles of beer, enraging the elves as the beer despoils nature.

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass steps on a twig and can hear the trees swear at her.

The elves begin to use their Wisdom to start turning Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie into an ELF!

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot gestures with his foot at the cars and smokestacks that are the real destroyers of nature, thus redirecting the elves' anger.

The elves point out that as bad as the cars and smokestacks are, they're not nearly as bad as the spilled rotgut, which has already killed a six foot circle of vegetation.

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass notices the six foot circle of death grow towards the scary trees and jumps away from the impending doom

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie takes a bite of a mass-produced, preservative-laden cookie, which shocks his mind free of the elves' spell.

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot digs a protective trough with his boot around the expanding circle of dead vegetation.

Aunt Matilda starts screaming at Pilgrim Bouncing Boot, who just dug the trough through her garden plot of prize petunias.

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass cries out "You are just upset you have no meat woman!" and grabs Pilgrim Bouncing Boot's arm to run away

Pilgrim Clumsy Glass steps on Frank's toe during the escape, breaking him from his spell and angering the sword-bearing elves.

Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie blocks the sword of one of the elves using an exceptionally stale baguette.

All the elf guards turn towards Pilgrim Loquacious Cookie as he screams out that their swords are made of mystical hooey!

Pilgrim Bouncing Boot swings his indestructible boot by the laces like a nunchuk, destroying the elves' swords in a dramatic flourish.


The elves whip out their curvy bows and start chasing the Pilgrims and Frank away

The humans seize on the elves' partial disarmament and start attacking the elves.

As Pilgrim Bouncing Boot lies away, dodging the thrown bottles and smoke bombs, he wishes he kept a bottle of that good beer.

New Names

Pilgrim Clumsy Mirror gets into trouble by falling down on things and helps people by creating an illusion. (Jenn)
World Destiny: 6
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Pugnacious Cookie gets into trouble by picking fights, and helps them with his selection of tasty baked goods. (Mark)
World Destiny: 5
Temple Destiny: 6

Pilgrim Revolting Boot gets in trouble by rousing rabble and helps people with his indestructible boots. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 7
Temple Destiny: 6


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