Cel Shading the Cover of Do: The Book of Letters

I recorded my cel shading process for the cover of Do: The Book of Letters. As you can probably tell, it takes a LONG time to do each character. This figure alone is about three and a half hours.

Troublemakers - Matt Wilson
As sete mulheres do Minho - De Outra Margem - CC-BY
Departures - Mattias Westlund - CC-BY


  1. Gorgeous video. I love marveling at your work.

  2. Man, that was dizzying. I was watching intently, recognizing every step you were taking, and was just blown away. Something like that would've taken me so much longer...

  3. That one figure did indeed take most of my work day all totaled. My process isn't the most efficient, but it's sort of how I've taught myself how to do it.

  4. What was the music used? The second track sounded very Asturian or Galician.

  5. As sete mulheres do Minho - De Outra Margem - CC-BY

    Added full music credits to the post, too. :)

  6. So the question that remains for me then is "is that song in Galician or Portuguese. But I was certainly in the right area!


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