Father's Day Edition of Happy Birthday, Robot!

Charles Starrett had only one wish for Father's Day: To play Happy Birthday, Robot! with the family. He posted his family's Father's Day-themed story on his blog and kindly allowed me to repost it here:

Happy Papa’s Day!
Papa walked downstairs and opened the cabinet doors to find chocolate.
Papa saw J there and she promptly ate the cake batter!
S scolded J and J bit S’s butt fiercely but silently.
S turned and made Papa punish bad J but Papa refused.
He wouldn’t dare hurt J because she’s awesome and he had received J’s bribe previously!
S protested hysterically and Mama whined but sent J to bed.
Papa made J serve him his dinner but she ate his dessert.
Papa asked, “What happened?” and ate J’s dessert but apologized.
Papa launched a world-scale invasion while riding on S’s back.
J backed down immediately.
Papa apologized and paid S’s medical bill.
Papa won anyway.

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