Good and Bad Examples of Game Jargon [Twitter]


  1. Playing without Twitter. 140 characters is far too few!

    I don't want to try and ham-fistedly explain the terms that put me off because I start to sound trite. A lot of people like the work in ancient language that White Wolf put through, but looking up "ithakur" each time someone mentions it puts me off the game.

    This could be why it took me years to accept american football, but I understood soccer right away. Because of this, soccer is my preferred spectator sport, even in a town where football is king.

    I really groove with terms that evoke, even through onomatopoeia, the game rules or game's mythology or theme. "Tap" is a classic, because it's both a physical maneuver and has meaning for the action. Continuum does have a good handful of these, but it does get to the point where you are "shrivving the burnback" (not a real example), or using terms that are necessary and technical but do not work to bring more context or understanding.


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