Indie+2 Indie Game Design Panel

Mark Truman hosted a lovely chat with Adam Koebel, Sage LaTorra and me tonight. Watch as we discuss the details of game design, Kickstarter, and lots of Dungeon World. Thankfully, Adam Blinkinsop pulled out some key quotes from the panel.

  • "Don't be afraid of people pirating your stuff." -- Adam
  • "If you hate something, don't be afraid to throw it away." -- Sage
  • "People had this idea that Kickstarter was something for the very beginning or very end of a project -- Kickstarter is very much for the middle of a project." -- Solis
  • "Stretch goals, at some point, stop making monetary sense." -- Sage
  • "None of the things my stats could mean were as interesting as not having stats at all." -- Solis.
  • "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Star Wars universe" -- Adam's description of every Star Wars RPG

Thanks for hosting the panel, Mark! Oh, and check out the other panels on the Indie+ page.


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