Updates to Picker

Picker Dice Game 1.3
Based on the math feedback from Mark Sherry, I made some changes to the core rules of Picker. Mainly this involved resolving this strange bug where being a Picker was actually more detrimental to each player's score. Based on the revised rules, the simulations show that being a Picker gives you a slight percentile advantage, which better fits the spirit of the game.

Here are the basic changes:

  • The dice are different colors, which are now the basis of set bonuses, independent of the results.
  • There is no more SHAFT role. It was actually a greater detriment to all AIs and led to lower final scores.
  • The PICKER role always picks herself to be first player. Again, this balanced out the anti-picker bug a bit and streamlined the rules.
  • The set bonus is streamlined to a linear +3, with a maximum of +15 for a set of 6-of-a-kind.
  • Clarified that you can score bonus points for multiple sets, so long as each are a different color.

I've updated the main page with these new rules. Test it out and see what you think! The two-player game still doesn't feel substantial enough. How would you tweak it?


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