Picker - A Simple Pub Dice Game

Picker Dice Game 1.3
Here's a super simple pub game to play with normal dice, inspired by the customized dice drafting mechanic in Seasons. It's so simple, in fact, that I could fit all the rules onto one graphic. Neat, eh?

3 or more Players
5-10 Minutes

Roll 1d6 per player. Each die is a different color.

Resolving Ties: If all the dice come up with the same result, roll them all again until there is at least one different result.

In the first round, youngest player goes first. Thereafter, each round's turn order changes.

Keep one result. Score that many points. Keep track of your chosen color each round.

If you are first to keep the lowest result, you will be first player in the next round.

Clarification:  If there are ties for the lowest result, only the first player to keep that result gets this effect. For example, if there are two 1s, and you keep a 1 first, then you're the Picker. Whoever keeps the second 1 gets no benefit.

Turns proceed clockwise for the rest of the round.

Play 2 rounds per player.

You will score bonus points if you keep the same color across multiple rounds.

2: +3
3: +6
4: +9
5: +12
or 6: +15 (max)

Of course, you may continue keeping dice of the same color after the sixth, but you won't get any further benefit.

You may score several sets if each are a different color. For example, if you kept the red die three times and yellow die five times, you’d earn 18 bonus points total.

The player with the most points wins!


  1. What happens in the case of across-the-board ties? For example, in a game with three players, if all dice are six, is this the highest or lowest amount? Does a special effect happen? (Reversal of turn order, loss or gain of points by everyone, discard and reroll...)

  2. I have a suggestion to do, the "new picker" rule could state: you can chose a die or refuse to pick it to be the new picker in the next round, so you could lower by 1 the dice needed.
    another thing: the last turn of the game the one that would have been the new picker should have a bonus, otherwise there would be no meaning in taking the lower die.

  3. That's an interesting idea!

    As for the picker bonus at the end, you could make a set bonus for "0". So the number of times you picked "0" gives you that bonus.


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