Hard Boiled Megg at the Escapist Expo!

I'm going to be at booth 302 in the Junior Ballroom at Escapist Expo this weekend! Look for the Hard Boiled Megg table. She'll be selling her famous meeple earrings, as seen on the Doubleclicks' ears! Also a bunch of other geeky stuff!

What a lovely set of earrings! Place these meeples on your ears! Available in multiple colors!

And no matter what type of geek, we've got you pinned!

And chicken hats! Bok bok! (Also, many many thanks to John Kovalic for drawing a chicken on a head for Megan's sign! omg!)

We'll also have the last remaining Writer's Dice in stock.

And a few printed copies of Koi Pond!

Just look for the colorful meeple tablecloth at Escapist Expo this weekend! And if you can't make it to the show, visit Hard Boiled Megg on Etsy!


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