Suspense: the Card Game, for sale on DriveThruCards!

Hooray! I'm very happy to announce SUSPENSE: The Card Game is for sale on DriveThruCards! It's a tiny game for big brains, full of fast deduction and bluffing. You'll be shocked at how much fun you can get from just thirteen cards.

There is a secret victory condition each round. Sometimes you want the lowest number in play, sometimes you want the highest number in hand... there are thirteen unique victory conditions in total, but only one is the actual condition for a round.

Fortunately, you have some clues in your hand to help your process of elimination. Because one unique condition is noted on each card, you can look at your own hand to deduce what the condition is not. Your goal is to figure out the victory condition and also trying to meet it.

There is a twist: If you're the dealer, you know the secret victory condition! Don't get too cocky, the other players will closely watch your choices for clues! Then again, you could try throwing false leads to get the other players on the wrong trail. You'll have to be really clever to keep everyone in... SUSPENSE!

Watch the video tutorial and get the SUSPENSE: The Card Game at!


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