Tsuro + Pickup and Deliver Mechanics

I had an odd idea last week and I decided to post some pictures just to think it out loud. Basically, I was imagining a Tsuro-style pathbuilding game in which pawns would pick up goods along their route and deliver them to their final destination tile. There would be no outer border, just a freeform table with lots of room for other tiles.

On your turn, add a tile that extends the path your pawn currently occupies. Above, Orange begins his turn.

Move your pawn along that path until it reaches the end of the path. Along the way, you may gather up to three goods on the intervening tiles, then drop them on your final tile. Above, orange picked up a white, purple and black cube and delivered them to his final tile. You score points for delivering those goods to that location.

Each tile would have its own demand for certain goods, perhaps indexed to the quantity of that good on surrounding tiles? In other words, if there are lots of purples around a tile, it doesn't want much purple.


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