More Cards for Koi Pond Expansion (and a Title Change)

When I was developing the first Koi Pond expansion, I knew I would need some help with the new artwork. Fish are one thing, but this expansion introduced human characters, so I had to call in some help.

So, Jared Axelrod just sent me his excellent Abbot, Monk, and Novice art for the Koi Pond expansion. Here we have a Novice, who may be placed in your house, pond, or river. Wherever the novice is placed, you score 1 point for each 1-koi card in that place, regardless of their suit.

For example, if you have two 1-red cards, one 1-blue card, and a novice in your river, you will score 3 points.

The Monk and Abbot are the same as the Novice, except they score points for 2-koi and 3-koi cards respectively.

The other cards in the expansion are the Shrine, which may be placed in your river, house, or pond. It doubles the quantity of koi of that suit in that place. You've already seen me talk about the new 4- and 5-koi cards in a previous post. The rainbow koi are special hybrids that can count as any suit.

Because the Novice, Abbot, and Monk are the only human characters in the expansion, I've decided it makes more sense to call this expansion Moon Temple rather than Moon Village. I'll save the latter title for a future expansion.

If you'd like to take a peek at the rules cards, I'd appreciate any feedback.


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