Regime Art Preview

Let's take a look at this preview art for Regime, the card game that expands on Suspense's deduction mechanics and takes them in a slightly different direction.

You are diplomats sent to a mysterious nation that has just opened its borders after a long seclusion. Being experienced diplomats, you know the public faces are just puppets and the true power brokers are somewhere behind the scenes. You and the other players try to deduce who is the true power behind the throne.

I'm carrying on the high-contrast, brushy look that I proposed in this earlier post. These are 36 different characters, each of whom might be the true power behind the throne. Their names are just for flavor, which is why they're so small. The important bits are their suit, their title, and their rank.

Each round, the dealer knows the secret victory condition: The card with (highest, lowest, most, or fewest) (suit or title) (in play or in hand) is the true power behind the throne. Whoever possesses that card wins the round and scores points equal to the stars on their winning card. Players have means of revealing or keeping secret certain pieces of information from the rest of the players.

Here's the complete deck for now. Some small changes still need to be made, like certain titles and adding a few cards. I can talk more about how the game actually plays in a future post. For now, enjoy the pretty pictures.

And here are some of the victory condition cards. They're a little plain, but that's out of necessity. These need to be easily read and referenced from all around the table.


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