The River Ancient at UnPub

Look for my Miyazaki-inspired euro game The River Ancient this weekend at UnPub4! Photos below and above are of the prototype I'm taking with me to the event. After some very rigorous playtesting, it's in a state where I think I can get the most useful feedback.

It's a little different for me than last year since Belle of the Ball was a) mostly finished, b) a very short game, and c) I was seated near the front door. This time, the game isn't quite as polished, it takes roughly 45 minutes to play, and I'm in the far back of the room. I really hope I get as many playtests in as I did last year, regardless.

Now, pictures!

I used just about every scrap of cardboard in the house. It's pretty rough and handmade, but hopefully playtesters won't mind. See you at UnPub!


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