Zeppelin Attack! on Kickstarter

Howdy folks! Just a head's up that a ZEPPELIN ATTACK! from Evil Hat Productions is now available on Kickstarter! I'm glad to finally see it live in the wild.

This is by far the most layered and details card design project I've had so far. There are several categories and sub-categories of information, all overlapping at times, further sub-divided into starter decks, and expansion decks. Whew! You can see a fuller overview of the cards on my portfolio site.

I basically used every trick I knew to make sure all the information on each card was as easily accessible as possible. Color-coding, icons, textures, borders, typography, the whole bag of tricks to do the game justice.

Christian St. Pierre did a kickass job with the original art, too. He set them up on transparent backgrounds, so I could have the freedom to do the cool overlapping effect that's popular in card games these days.

Find out more about the game on the Kickstarter page!


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