Janus plays Utara in Italy + A New Variant?

Giullina shared this photo of Renato Ramonda teaching Utara at PLAY! Modena. So much of this piques my interest. One, are those paper prototypes? Two, is that a printed rules sheet? Three, they're playing Utara overseas?? Awesome, awesome. Renato shares more on his tumblr:

"People gathered around and demanded to play too: we quickly played a good number of games and tried all the variant Sun/Moon options. I can definitely say that the game is fun, extremely simple to teach and learn, has a nice tactile element and when playing with the “advanced” rules I think a nice element of lightweight strategy: will I take this two dice or will I take only one but negate a Day or Tide to my opponent?"

Renato and friends also tinkered with a new variant that allows you to change the compass. You can see more on that in his post.

» Renato's Tumblr Post
» More photos
» Janus Design
» Official Rules for Utara


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