Playing Utara Dice Game at Dreamation 2011

Utara was a big success at Dreamation 2011. In the video above, you can see a montage of several rounds of play. People gathered around tables to play on their own. Sizeable groups of non-convention attendees huddled to check it out. Audiences were 50/50 male/female. I consider this enough of a success that I'm looking at the math for going commercial. I'll post about that soon.

Some new rules that came out of all the demos I did at Dreamation include:

» Play one round for each player.
» First player of first round is chosen at random.
» First player of subsequent rounds is whoever has fewest points.
» This game draws a crowd. Ask bystanders for Moon and Sun style.
» Otherwise, first player chooses Moon or Sun. Second player chooses the other.


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