Joanna's Utara Dice and Rob's Wagering Rules Variant

You last saw Joanna while she was playing and teaching Utara in this video. Here, she's showing off her own Utara dice she made at home to test out new rules and play with her home group. In the third photo, you'll see a wagering rules variant created by Rob McDiarmid:

"Here's a thought for a gambling version. Maybe you throw half the pot on the table first, before rolling the dice. Those coins represent ports. If you cross a port, you get to collect the coin. Any ports not collected during play go to the winner. But maybe ports also end your turn."

Brilliant idea, I thought. Joanna's testing out that variant right now. I think you could add even more wagering options by placing bets along the north, south, east, and west edges of the board. Any time a die leads off the board in that direction, you can collect one coin from that side.

These wagering variants and other suggested rules will be included in the official rules. I can't wait to show off the customized dice I'm ordering. Until then, keep rolling!

» Rules for Utara


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