John Harper's "It Won't End When You Bury Me"

After reading my recent post On Hitting, John Harper posted an interesting Western zombie game he designed years ago. It's all centered on the assumption that you'll be shooting zombies and never missing. Possible outcomes are headshots, delayed satisfaction, and an impending sense of dreadful panic.

Based on the writeup, I sense flavors of the ZOMBIES!!! board game, but with a deeper set of consequences for each shot. Every bullet counts and reloading is a tense test of nerves.

My only recommendation would be that the title have a thick Western drawl. Something like "It Don't End When Ya Bury Me." A title that would be slurred around Rooster Cogburn's chewing tobacco.

» Photo: "Shallow Grave" CC-BY-NC-SA Jo Christian Oterhals


  1. Josh Roby? That looks like John Harper to me.

    (Also: I have intermittent problems with your comment form when using Webkit-based browsers, FYI. Not sure how much you can do about that, with that little info especially, but thought it worth saying.)

  2. Name fixed, with apologies to John.

    You're not the only one who's had problems with the comments. I think it has something to do with how I've cobbled together the CSS in my template.


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